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❖ Company Registration in Assam

Presented are very fertile matters regarding the economy and present economic scenarios in Assam, and our top-notch legal services for company registration in assam, to promote easy, secure, and profitable business establishments in this fast progressing State of India. Our law firm which is well-based in Delhi is internationally reputed for its broad-range of legal services to people and entities of India and the whole world.

Located in the north-eastern regions of India, Assam is perhaps the most progressive and significant State among the Seven Sister States in this part of the country. For decades, Assam has been nationwide prominent for its petroleum and natural gas, tea, opulent biodiversity, and many internationally famous wildlife sanctuaries. Today, along with further development and rapid growth in these fields, Assam is also progressing fast in the economic fields of textiles, papers, chemical fertilizers, cement, sugar, information technology, manufacturing, and many other fields. Hence, our company registration services are certainly of great importance and utility to people and companies located in places all across this affluent Assam. Today, our masterly and quick services for company incorporation in assam are extended in complete compliance with the Indian Companies Act of 2013.

The following are our specialties and capabilities regarding company registration in assam:
  • All popular forms of companies can briskly and perfectly be established with our support, including the private and public limited companies, one person companies, partnership companies, LLP firms, section-8 companies, joint ventures, and entities of foreign corporations in this State.
  • The office relevant for company registration in assam, is the office of the RoC located in the Morello Building, Kachari Road, Shillong.
  • The tasks handled expertly by our internationally renowned company lawyers are reservation of proposed names (Form No-2.7), completing and filing application for registration (Form No.-2.9), crafting appropriate MOA and AOA (Form No.-2.17), preparing and filing declarations and affidavit (Form Nos.-2.12, 2.11, and 2.10), getting permission of RBI in cases of foreign entities in Assam, and obtaining certificate for commencement of business.
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