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❖ Company Registration in Bihar

One of the greatest States of India in respect of population and historic importance is Bihar. Today, this State in the northern India is also progressing fast in many new economic sectors such as brewery sector, in addition to further development and rapid growth in its well-developed agricultural and service sectors. Hence, in this web article, we are offering rich and very constructive information about our services for company registration in bihar, along with the present economic situation in this historically glorious State of India.

Once an immensely famous center of power, learning and culture, Bihar is now making fast strides in diverse industrial and technical fields, along with recording high growth rate in the agricultural and service sectors. Since 2011, Bihar has been progressing with a growth rate of over 12% every year, which makes it one of the fastest prospering major States of India at present times. Consequently, Bihar is considered a very productive and profitable destination in the northern India for business establishments and foreign direct investment, especially in the sectors of brewery, information technology, manufacturing, agro-based industries, services, food and fruit processing industries, etc.

The following points are noteworthy in connection with ours superb and swift services for company incorporation in bihar in various economic fields mentioned above:
  • Today, our company registration services are rendered as per the new Indian Companies Act of 2013 in every part of India.
  • All immensely popular forms of companies are set up with comprehensive support of our internationally famed company lawyers of India, essentially including the companies of the private and public limited companies, one person companies, LLP firms, section-8 companies, joint ventures, and entities of foreign corporations and investors in Bihar.
  • For company registration in bihar, the directly concerned office is the office of the RoC located at the Maurya Lok Complex, Dak Banglow Road, Patna.
  • Our flawless, swift, and economical company registration services in Bihar handle all tasks existing in the entire process of company registration, that range from the reservation of proposed company name (Form No.-2.7) and drafting of the MOA and AOA (Form No.-2.17) to filing the application for registration (Form No.-2.9) and obtaining the certificate for commencement of business.
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