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❖ Company Registration in Meghalaya

A significant and strikingly progressive member of the Seven Sister States located in the north–east India, is naturally rich and alluringly scenic Meghalaya. This Meghalaya has been progressing fast for decades, especially in the fields of tourism, education, and industries; and therefore, is an outstanding State in this part of India, after well–developed West Bengal and fast-paced Assam. Owing to its many precious natural resources, rich biodiversity, and massive annual rainfall, Meghalaya has vast potential for developments in many new economic fields which are mentioned below. Hence, very creative and beneficial are our services for company registration in meghalaya, which are described hereunder.

The following qualities and specialties of our company registration services, are highly important regarding the best possible company incorporation in meghalaya:
  • Now-a-days, our services for company registrations in places all across India are delivered in accordance with the new Indian company law, which is the Companies Act of 2013.
  • All immensely famous and popular types of companies can be swiftly and expertly be well–established in Meghalaya with ours support, including the types of the private and public limited companies, joint ventures, partnership companies, LLP firms, one person companies, section–8 companies, and business entities of foreign corporations in this State.
  • For setting up any of the above–mentioned sorts of companies in Meghalaya, the immediately concerned office is the office of the ROC situated in Shillong, at Kachari Road, Morello Building.
  • All major and ancillary tasks and works are handled expertly by our renowned company lawyers during the complete process of registration, starting the name reservation (Form No.–2.7) and filing the form for registration of the proposed company (Form No.–2.9), to devising the MOA and AOA (Form No.–2.17) and all other requisite documents and acquiring permission for business commencement.
  • The economic fields well–served by our company registration in this beautiful and fast–paced State are agro-based industries, forest–based industries, hydro–electricity, tourism and hospitality, education and teaching, light to medium manufacturing, information technology, etc.
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