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❖ Company Registration in Orissa

Situated placidly along the east coast of India, beside the Bay of Bengal, Orissa is a naturally opulent State of India with many big plants and industries in diverse economic sectors. Therefore, this one of the major and significant States of India in respect of land area and population, is highly important to ours globally famed law firm of India, which is well–based in Delhi. Our visionary and well–equipped law firm of India offers top–notch legal services in all major areas of the law to people and companies located in places all across India, and in countries of the world over. Here, only the services for company registration in orissa have been discussed, to promote industrial development and desired growth in the below–mentioned economic sectors of this verdant State of the east India.

The following outstanding and noteworthy points are very important regarding our company registration services in this fast-paced State:
  • Today, services for company registrations in whole India are rendered in mandatory compliance with the new Companies Act of 2013.
  • Using our punctilious services for company incorporation in orissa, all types of companies can be briskly well–established in any part of this State, including the types of the private and public limited companies, section–8 companies, LLP firms, unlimited companies, joint ventures, partnership companies, and entities for foreign corporations in Orissa.
  • The most suitable and fertile economic fields of this State for company set–ups are mineral-based industries, agriculture and forest–based industries, power, information technology, iron and steel, refineries, aluminum, petrochemicals, tourism and hospitality, education and teaching, etc.
  • All newly formed companies in Orissa are to be registered with the office of the ROC located in its former capital Cuttack at CDA, sector–1.
  • The services rendered dutifully and efficiently by our company lawyers of repute during the process for company registration are name reservation (Form No–2.7), filing the application for registration (Form No.–2.9), drafting the MOA and AOA (form No.–2.17) and all other legal documents, obtaining permission for setting up a business entity by foreign corporation, and receiving certificate for business commencement.
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