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❖ Company Registration in Rajasthan

Spread far–flung in the north–western part of India, and the largest State of the country in respect of geographical area (over 10%), historic Rajasthan is immensely and widely famous for diverse types of tourism, many precious minerals, a variety of staple agricultural products, and its ample scope for industrial and economic developments in many new sectors. Hence, highly important is magnificent Rajasthan to our globally appreciated law firm of India with its head office in Delhi. In this web–article, only the services for company registration in rajasthan have been illustrated, to encourage company establishments in the below-mentioned economic fields of this extensive and glamorous State of India.

The following precious and very impressive qualities are inherently associated with our services for company registration in Rajasthan:
  • Today, followed strictly are the rules and regulation given in the new company law of India, the Companies Act of 2013, for formation and registration of companies in entire India.
  • All different categories of companies such as the private limited companies, one person companies, public limited companies, joint ventures, LLP firms, partnership firms, unlimited companies, section–8 companies, and diverse business entities for foreign multinational corporations in Rajasthan, can expeditiously be established in this State with comprehensive support of our company lawyers.
  • For company incorporation in rajasthan, directly concerned is the office of the ROC well–founded in its capital Jaipur, at Residency Area, Civil Lines.
  • The economic fields well–served by our superb company registration services in this State are agriculture and agro–based industries, minerals and mineral–based industries, tourism and hospitality, gems and jewelry, textiles, handicrafts, sandstones, cement, information technology and ITES, business outsourcing, and many other highly fertile fields.
  • Delivered services during the process of company registration are name reservation (Form No.–2.7), filing the application for registration (Form No.–2.9), drafting the MOA and AOA (Form No.–2.17) and other documents, obtaining permission from the RBI (in cases of entities of foreign companies), and acquiring certificate for business commencement.
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