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❖ Company Registration in Hyderabad

Highly glamorous and one of the fast expanding major cities of India is Hyderabad. Today, this capital city and the largest city of Andhra Pradesh is internationally well-known for its well-developed industries in the sectors of information technology, tourism and hospitality, biotechnology, pharmaceuticals, Telugu film industry, and many other sectors mentioned below. Erstwhile internationally famous as "the city of pearls" and "the city of charminars", this Hyderabad is now equally and exclusively alluring for domestic and international investments in many economic sectors. To boost business establishments and economic prosperity in this city, described here are ours services for company registration in hyderabad in its all booming economic fields listed below.

Regarding company incorporation in hyderabad, the following points and features are worth mentioning:
  • Our law firm of global repute now offers company registration services in places all across India, as per the new company law of India, the Companies Act, 2013.
  • The most significant and fertile economic fields for business establishments in this galloping city of the south are information technology and ITES, biotechnology, media and entertainment, tourism and hospitality, pharmaceuticals, retail, real estate and construction, business outsourcing, manufacturing, education and teaching, scientific research, and many services in the service sectors.
  • All most famous and enormously popular types of companies can briskly be formed and established in Hyderabad with ours well-rounded support, including the types of the private and public limited companies, one person companies, LLP firms, partnership companies, unlimited companies, secton-8 companies, joint ventures, and business entities owned by foreign companies and investors.
  • The registration of companies in this city of Andhra Pradesh is quite easy and fast, as the office of the ROC is well-established in this city itself at Sultan Bazar, Koti.
  • All works and activities existing in the process of registration are performed adroitly by our company lawyers of international fame, including the task of name reservation (Form No.-2.7), preparing MOA and AOA (Form No.-2.17), application filing for registration (Form No.-2.9), preparation of all other company documents and DIN and PAN, getting permission of RBI for foreign-owned entities, and lastly, getting the certificate for starting of business by companies.
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