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❖ Company Registration in Goa

Situated on the Western Ghats, Goa is internationally famous owing to a variety of reasons described below. Here, in ours this particular and precious web article, we are providing information about our superb and swift services for company registration in goa, along with a brief introduction to the booming economy of this glamorous State of India.

This tiniest State of the country in respect of land area, is the most affluent in terms of GDP per capita. Goa is internationally renowned for its opulent infrastructure, gracious living, rich flora and fauna, far-flung beaches, world heritage architecture, and booming industries in various economic fields. The majority of these industries and companies are in the fields of tourism and hospitality, minerals and mining, fishing and trawling, agriculture, pesticides, textiles, chemicals, footwear, pharmaceuticals, fertilizers, information technology, fish and fruits canning, brewery products, steel rolling, and others. Goa's well-developed and lavish tourism and hospitality sector draws about 12% of all foreign tourists in India every year. Today, our company registration services are provided as per the new Indian Companies Act of 2013.

The following points and features are noteworthy in respect of ours services for company incorporation in goa in its all economic fields:
  • All hugely prominent and popular types of companies can be established in Goa with help of our internationally reputed company lawyers, including the private and public limited companies, LLP firms, one person companies, partnership firms, joint ventures, section-8 companies, and entities of foreign companies and investors in Goa.
  • The office concerned for company registration in goa is situated in its capital Panaji, at Patto.
  • Well-rounded and masterly support is rendered by our veteran company lawyers during the whole company registration process in Goa in its any economic field. The tasks done during this process include reservation of desired company names (Form No.-2.7) and filing the completed application for company registration (Form No.-2.9) to preparing MOA and AOA (Form No.-2.17) and all other documents, and obtaining the certificate for starting of business by a private or public company.
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