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❖ Company Registration in Nagaland

Containing a population of about two million (as per census 2011), Nagaland is one of the smallest States of India, with ample scope and opportunities for industrial and economic developments. This member of the Seven Sister States in the north-east India, is also immensely rich in natural resources and flora and fauna, to support industries in the below-mentioned fields. Therefore, our world–class legal services are also provided in this verdant and placid State of India. Here, only the services for company registration in nagaland are exclusively illustrated, by ours worldwide prominent law firm of India, well-based in Delhi.

Our company registration services in Nagaland are well–equipped with the following remarkable and highly impressive features, for the best possible results:
  • Now, our company registration services in entire India are delivered as per the new Companies Act of 2013, including the State of Nagaland.
  • All sorts of companies, namely, the private and public limited companies, one person companies, partnership firms, LLP firms, unlimited companies, section–8 companies, joint ventures, and companies for foreign corporations and investors in Nagaland, can be briskly and economically set up by our services.
  • Today, the most suitable and progressive economic fields of this State for company set–ups are agro-based and forest-based industries, tourism and hospitality, handicrafts and weaving, information technology, light to medium manufacturing, computer hardware and software, real estate and construction, insurance, and other fields of contemporary significance.
  • Any of these companies in any of above–mentioned economic fields can be set up anywhere in Nagaland, essentially including the cities of Kohima and Dimapur.
  • The office concerned for company establishments in Nagaland, is well–based in Shillong at Kachari Road, Morello Building.
  • For perfect and swift company incorporation in nagaland, our company lawyers of international renown offer all services and supports in the whole process of company registration, staring from the service for name reservation (Form No.–2.7) and filing the completed application for registration (Form No.–2.9), to writing of MOA and AOA (Form No.–2.17) and all other legal documents of company, and obtaining the certificate for business commencement.
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