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❖ Company Registration in Tamil Nadu

Our prestigious and well–equipped law firm of India offers the complete gamut of top-notch legal services in Tamil Nadu, because of the following noteworthy and remarkable things. Immensely rich in natural resources, Tamil Nadu is one of the major and most significant States of India in respect of population and land area, length of its coastline, high human development index, many agricultural and horticultural produces, tourism, classical arts & music, poultry and fish, textiles, leathers, and well–developed and fast progressing industries in the below mentioned industrial fields. Again, Tamil Nadu is the second largest contributor to the national GDP of India, and is counted among the most industrialized and urbanized States of the country. In this glamorous and very beneficial web-article, only the services for company registration in tamil nadu are being described by ours globally renowned law firm located in Delhi.

For company incorporation in tamil nadu, the following qualities and specialties of our law firm are worth mentioning:
  • Today, our company registration services in Tamil Nadu and all other States of India are performed in complete compliance with the new Companies Act of 2013.
  • The types of companies which can expertly and expeditiously be set up in Tamil Nadu with ours support are the private and public limited companies, one person companies, partnership companies, LLP firms, unlimited companies, section–8 companies, joint ventures, and business entities of foreign multinational corporations.
  • Any of the two regional offices of the registrars of companies located in Chennai and Coimbatore, is selected for registration proceedings depending upon the location of the proposed company. These offices are situated at Haddows Road, Chennai; and at Singanallur, Coimbatore.
  • The economic fields of this fast–paced State comprehensively and expertly served by our company lawyers of international repute, are automotive, manufacturing and engineering, information technology, electronics, leathers and tannery, textiles, healthcare, agro–based industries, heavy industries, poultry and fish production and processing, tourism and hospitality, education and teaching, marine exports and imports, banking and finance, advertising, media and entertainment, and diverse services.
  • Starting from the tasks of name reservation (Form No.–2.7) and preparation of DIN and PAN, and filing the application (Form No.–2.9) and drafting the MOA and AOA (form No.–2.17) and other company documents, to getting permission of the RBI, and the certificate for business commencement, all services are delivered punctiliously by our lawyers during the entire company registration process in Tamil Nadu.
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