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❖ Company Registration in jharkhand

Bifurcated in the year 2000, Jharkhand is one of the fast progressing States in the north-eastern India. Immensely rich in diverse precious minerals and forest resources, this State has been contributing hugely to the mining and mineral sector of India, and has been feeding the requirements of numerous industries engaged in these fields. Therefore, very productive and beneficial are our services for company registration in jharkhand, and ours all other legal services. In ours this exclusive web-article, provided is brief but sumptuous information about our superb, expeditious, and economical company registration services in places all across this growth-oriented State.

The following points and capabilities must be noted regarding our company registration services in Jharkhand:
  • Now, rigorously complied with is the new Indian Companies Act of 2013, by our top-notch legal services for company registrations in places all across the country.
  • All hugely popular types of companies are set up and established with our services for company registration, including the categories of the private and public limited companies, one person companies, LLP firms, joint ventures, and entities on behalf of foreign corporations and investors in India.
  • These all companies can also be set up in Jharkhand with comprehensive support of our internationally famed company lawyers. The most suitable fields for this purposes in this State are mineral based industries and plants, agro and forest based industries, manufacturing, real estate, information technology and ITES, tourism and hospitality, education and teaching, chemicals, healthcare, consumer goods and products, retail, and service sector.
  • For company incorporation in jharkhand, anywhere in the entire State, the office concerned is the office of the RoC located in Ranchi at the Magistrate Colony, Doranda.
  • All services involved in the entire process, are delivered expertly by our company lawyers, including the name reservation (Form No.-2.7) and drafting all documents to filing the complete application for registration, and acquiring the certificate for commencement of business.
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