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❖ Company Registration in Kerala

Located aesthetically on the coast of Malabar and containing over 33 million population (as per census 2011), Kerala is a very opulent and fast prospering State of India. This naturally rich and enthralling State of India is widely and internationally renowned for its quality spices, coconut and cashew, natural rubber, nature and Ayurveda tourism, and the highest HDI (0.790), literacy rate (93.91%), and life expectancy (74 years) in the entire country of India. Therefore, in ours this web-article, we are describing our services for company registration in kerala, to support and promote further industrial and economic growth of this south-western State of India.

Our superlative and swift services for company incorporation in kerala, have the following qualities and specialties:
  • Today, our company registration services in places all across Kerala are rendered in complete compliance with the new company law of India, the Companies Act of 2013.
  • The economic fields of this verdant State served by our reasonably-charged services for company registration are agriculture and agro-based industries, tourism and hospitality, fishery, information technology, manufacturing, healthcare, business process outsourcing, animal husbandry, computer hardware and software, leisure and entertainment, banking and finance, minerals and mining, and diverse services.
  • The office of the ROC concerned for company registration in kerala, is well-founded in Kochi, at BMC Road.
  • The internationally renowned company lawyers of ours globally appreciated law firm of India (well-based in Delhi) offer all major and trivial services during the whole process of company registration in Kerala, right from the name reservation (Form No.-2.7) and drafting of all necessary documents to filing the application for registration (Form No.-2.9) and obtaining the certificate for starting the business.
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